Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Spring Sprint Baby! Scentsy Spirit!

This saturday I am so excited to be able to attend a mini Scentsy convention called Spring Sprint.  For those who don't know what Spring Sprint is, it is a time for Scentsy consultants to all gather together and gain some amazing training.  I have been with this amazing company for over 2 years now and am so excited to be able to attend my very first event!!!  Yahhhh!  I am super stoked to finally get to meet so many amazing women from my own team, so I thought I needed to show my spirit with some fun and funky scentsified nail art!  So here is what I came up with.

Is that a fun design or what?  LOL  To me it looks like fireworks.  I started this design by first doing a basic french mani.
I begin my french mani by first painting half of my nail with a white polish, then I use my Avon eye liner brush dipped in polish remover.  I use a sweeping motion from side to side to get the crisp clean line.  This brush is my absolute favorite as it has short firm bristles.  You can purchase this brush HERE for only $3.99.
Pictured above are the colors I used to complete my look.  Eva, Brandt, Gayle, and Sienna from Julep.  Then on top I added Let's Get Star-ted from Nicole by Opi.  With these colors I used a brush from an empty nail art bottle and made short strokes from the side of my nail towards the middle.  I started with my darkest color and then ended with the gold.  Then topped that with my Let's Get Star-ted because I absolutely needed to have purple stars for a Scentsy Manicure!

So there you have it, at least my nails are ready for my first Spring Sprint!  So excited and cannot wait to attend!  Watch for pictures from the event in a coming blog post. 


  1. You are super talented with nails!

    I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award :)


    1. Thank you Sam, sorry I just saw this post today! I havent been on here lately.