Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Brush Strokes

I love to try new things with my nails so when someone set me a mystery package of 12 different Kleancolor polishes I wanted to give them a try.  This morning I decided to try something a little different and fun and this is what it turned out like.  I used Metallica Fushia and Metallic Purple from Kleancolor and just a little bit of Julep's Vivien for a little touch of gold.

For this look I started at the tip with only a little bit of polish on the brush and made short sweeping strokes.  The finished look is a little bit of a fiery look.  I love the color combo.  

I am not overly impressed with Kleancolor polish, it seems quite thick and seems to dry out on the brush super fast.  I do however love the colors that they offer.

So what do you think?  Love this look or hate it?


  1. Aww too bad that the polishes aren't the greatest. Maybe the others will be different? Sometimes I find Julep to be inconsistent like that. Then again, this is a cheaper brand in the US.

    1. Yes this is a cheaper brand at only $3.49/bottle. I am hoping that the Chunky Holo polishes that I also received will be better quality. I have also found that some of Julep's polishes do the same thing for me, but I still love them :)