Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Year Eve Mystery Box from Julep

 When I saw Julep offer their New Years Eve Mystery box I jumped at it, because I have never been disappointed with their mystery box's in the past.  However the box that I received today has me quite disappointed.  I will say that it is a good box for the price of $19.99, just does not contain products that I am thrilled about.  Here is what my box contained:
So here is everything that was inside my NYE Mystery box.

Stella and Georgia.  Not impressed with these colors.  Stella reminds me of a runny baby poop color lol  Georgia is a orange shimmer color.  I detest orange polish
 Sienna and Cindy.  I love Sienna, it is one of my favorite colors, this is a dupe for me.  Cindy is another dupe for me and not one that I am overly in love with except for Christmas mani's.

This is the "Mystery" glitter that Julep claimed was never released.  However I actually have one of their polishes that looks identical to this called Hillary.  When I hold them beside each other there is a very slight difference in color.  Still a cute glitter thou.

Julep Sicilian Orange Foot Scrub.  I am happy to get this item as I have seen people rave about it.  Cannot wait to actually try it out.

Julep Lengthening Mascara and a Julep nail file.  Well I am not thrilled about the mascara at all because it is brown, so I will never actually use it.  Well what can I say about a nail file, I have a hundred of them, so another one to add to the collection lol

3 Julep nail polish single use remover pads.  I don't like these, I find that I need to use anywhere from 5-8 of these pads to remove my polish from both hands.  2 Age Defying Hand Brightener samples.  Never used these before.

Well there you have it, this was my NYE Mystery Box from Julep.  Obviously like I said previously it is a great box for the price of $19.99, just not impressed with what I actually received, but I guess that is the chance you take when you purchase a mystery box.

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